Summer Waves Elite Pool Reviews.

Summer Waves Elite Pool

When it comes to above ground pools that are durable, functional, and stylish, the Summer Waves Elite Pool setup is a brand I've come to love. I’ve had problems with the support structures of other above-ground setups.

I wanted to find a pool that would last for years and survive dozens of pool parties and gatherings, so I started looking at metal reinforced pools, and the Summer Wave Elite brand came up repeatedly. I've used this particular brand for years without a problem, and I wanted to share my findings with you.


If you're frustrated with replacing some or all of your current pool's parts due to damage or basic wear and tear, you may benefit from owning one of these pools.

Anyone who wants a durable and lasting above-ground pool with an excellent support system can benefit from this brand. The walls are fabricated out of heavy-duty PVC, and are reinforced with a band of mesh around the middle, for added durability. Not only is this a more heavy-duty option, but it can be a more cost-effective choice because it lasts longer.

However, if you are someone who wants a very quick installation and tear down option, you may want to consider other options. This brand takes slightly longer to set up, and it does require some maintenance to ensure it lasts.

Whichever model you decide on, there are a few key points you want to consider to ensure that your new pool matches your needs. These considerations are:

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    Maintenance Needs
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    Build Material

There are also some pros and cons you have to know about buying the Summer Wave brand, and they are:


  • Several Size Options.
  • Metal Framing with Reinforced Mesh.
  • Easy to Drain.
  • Comes with Several Useful Accessories.


  • People noticed the liner tends to separate (source)
  • Customers stated that the skimmer leaks (source).
  • People reported that the valves restricted water flow (source).
  • People said that the pump system burns out quickly (source).


The Summer Waves brand gives you the choice of several sizes and shapes for their soft-sided metal reinforced pools. It comes with heavy-duty reinforced PVC walls and a band of fortifying mesh around the middle of the outside of the walls. It features a very sleek, modern look and feel.

The frame that runs underneath, and up to the sides of this setup, are fabricated of rust-resistant galvanized steel for added durability. You also get everything required to get your system up and running straight out of the box. Choose from a traditional white or dark siding, or the unique light grey wicker design.

This setup is a great choice for people who are looking for a more reinforced and durable above-ground option. All of the reinforcements mean that this setup is equipped to last for years in a variety of conditions. However, people with smaller areas may find this choice too large or cumbersome to use.


You'll enjoy several unique benefits and features with using this pool brand. As long as it's compatible with your space and needs, it should slot into your lifestyle in a quick and hassle-free manner.

Bottom and Wall Material - 1

The walls and floor of your pool should be made out of very durable material to ensure that it holds up against typical wear and tear. Summer Waves Elite line comes with heavy-duty PVC walls. These are soft-sided but thicker than your typical walls. It's more resistant to damage from debris or accidents. Also, it's reinforced with a mesh layer that helps to prevent holes.

This is particularly useful for my needs because I have friends and kids that come over during the summer to swim, and my dogs tend to jump on the sides of the pool. Their nails slide right off of the walls, without poking any holes or slicing through the material.

Framing - 2

No matter what size or shape you purchase, you want it to have a reinforced frame. This enables it to hold up better against the elements and normal wear and tear. You'll get an easy to put together but durable galvanized steel frame with this setup. The framework goes underneath the bottom and up the sides. It braces to the top PVC lip, all around the structure, for added durability.

I like how solid this framework makes the entire area feel. It allows people to enjoy themselves and move freely around the entire area without worrying about moving the walls. You'll also get an additional protection layer between the bottom and the ground, so if there are any debris you won't have to worry about damage.

Filtration and Maintenance - 3

All of the Summer Waves Elite setups come with a filtration system that cycles up to 4,400 gallons (16,656 liters) per day. It has a SkimmerPlus filtration system that catches all kinds of debris for crystal-clear water. You'll get full surface skimming, and the unit has a removable basket that makes cleaning it easy and hassle-free. The cartridge filter uses one chlorine tablet for additional savings.

As someone who has a busy lifestyle, the SkimmerPlus filtration system is a very convenient option. It runs constantly and picks up dirt and debris that may fall into the pool. Cleaning it is very quick as well, so I get clean and clear water whenever I want to use it.

User-Friendly Design - 2

This setup only requires one person to put together and get it up and running in the space of an afternoon. It comes packaged in separate boxes, and you get very clear setup instructions. The framework snaps together, and where it slots together you'll find gaps in the heavy-duty PVC walls. It's also more lightweight and easy to manipulate which is important if it's only one person installing it.

I like that the design is self-explanatory and that the setup instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The gaps in the PVC are very useful along with the snap-together design. All you do is snap them together and secure them with the steel pegs.

Size Options - 1

There are several different sizing options available with this brand, and this is very useful for anyone with space constraints. You do need to leave extra room for the framework, but you can choose from a rectangular or round design. Sizing starts at 12 feet (3.6 meters) and goes up to 24 feet (7 meters) for the round models. The rectangular models start at 18 feet (5 meters) long and go up to 24 feet (7 meters) long.

The rectangular models are a good choice for people who have more narrow yards or space. It also fits very well on patios. The round models are great for people who have more space. The different size options let a lot of people find a size that will fit and leave them room to manoeuvre around.


Some of these products come with extra accessories that make cleaning easy and fast. Depending on the size and shape, you can get an additional vacuum head and hose system that hooks up to the pump system. This allows you to quickly clean up the larger debris or sand on the bottom and in the hard to reach places like the corners. The skimmer is also nice for cleaning the surface of the water.

I liked that you get a vacuum head and hose system included when you buy it and that it hooks straight to the filtration pump. This lets me suck up any larger loose debris that may accumulate on the bottom, and I can just dump the basket out when I'm done for a hassle-free clean.

customers opinions

Before I bought this product, I wanted to see how well customers who purchased it liked it. I started looking around, and I found several sites where people were praising the durability and features that come with using this particular brand. I didn't find a lot of glaring problems, and there are several glowing reviews posted on several sites.

Alternative Options

If this pool doesn't seem like a good fit for you, or if it's too expensive, there are several other options you can choose from. I've picked three excellent alternatives that you may want to check out below.

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump

Intex's metal frame set is a more cost-effective alternative to the Summer Waves setup. You get three different size and depth choices that allows you to customize it to fit your needs. The soft-sided PVC walls are laminated with a UV protective layer for added durability, and it is designed to be puncture resistant. The sturdy metal framework snaps together quickly and easily.

It comes with a filter pump that cycles 530 gallons (2,006 liters) of water per hour. You also get dual suction outlets for your filtration and pump system, and the filter cartridge pops out for easy cleaning. The drain plug makes it easy to drain and take down.

Best For
The Intex Metal Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump is best for people who want the durability of a metal framed setup but don't have the money to spend on the Summer Wave option. It's also good for a single person to set up and take down because it's lightweight and user-friendly.

Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool Set

This option comes with three different size choices. It has heavy-duty PVC for the walls for added durability and longevity. It allows for soft sides with extra reinforcement. There is also a band that runs in the middle of the walls around the structure for support, and the framework is galvanized steel. You'll get a flow control drain that lets you quickly and easily drain the water.

The frame locks together with "T" connectors and "C" clips for stability, and they've been designed to be very easy to lock together. It does not come with a pump system, so you do have to purchase that separately.

Best For
The Bestway setup could be a good choice for people who want to use their pool on a less frequent basis than they'd use the Summer Wave option. It doesn't come with a pump system, but it has the same durability that the higher priced models are known for.

Blue Wave Presto Metal Wall Swimming Pool Package

The steel walls of this product allow for more security and longevity. It has an easy snap together design with a two-inch resin that runs around the top lip. You also get a thick blue liner to pad the inside of the walls and the bottom of the system.

It comes in three different size options, and you get a skimmer with a return system with a half of a horsepower pump to keep the water clean. It comes with a maintenance kit and a sturdy A-frame ladder that makes it easy to upkeep and get it and out of.

Best For
The Blue Wave Presto setup is a good choice for anyone who tends to get rowdier in the pool because it comes with sturdy steel walls. It beats the Summer Waves option for durability, but the Summer Waves setup has soft sides, which could be better for anyone who tends to hang on the sides.

For a stylish and durable option, the Summer Waves Elite is an excellent choice. Not only do you get galvanized steel framework, but you also get soft-sided but durable PVC walls with a reinforced mesh. Its variety of size and shape choices ensures that you'll find a good fit, no matter what your size constraints are.

If you'd like to take a closer look and decide if the Summer Waves Elite Pool is a good choice for you, click here.