Polaris 9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews.

Polaris 9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner

When I was younger, you didn't have a choice when it came to cleaning the pool, it had to be done manually. If I had one of the best automatic pool cleaner devices that are available nowadays, it would have saved me valuable time and money, along keeping my pool crystal clear and ready to enjoy. It would have helped make the entire process of having a pool so much easier.


If you're spending a lot of time cleaning the debris out of your pool or scrubbing the floors, steps, and sides, you may benefit from buying the Polaris 9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner.

This is an ideal automatic pool cleaner if you own a small to medium-sized pool under 60 feet long (18 meters). Not only does it come packed with innovative features to keep your water crystal-clear, but it's also a more cost-effective choice than a lot of its competitors.

However, if you have a smaller area with soft sides or an in-ground system, you may want to purchase a suction-based device instead of a robotic one because they won't damage the liner or siding of your pool, and they can perform close to the same amount of work.

Whichever model you decide to buy, there are a few key points you want to consider before you make your final decision. These key points will help you pick out the best system for you, that will clean the areas you need it to without causing any damage. These considerations include:

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    In-Ground or Above-Ground Pool System
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    Filter Bag Capacity
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    Ease of Use
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    Size and Weight
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    Area Size to Clean

There are also a few pros and cons to purchasing this particular model, and they include:


  • Several different programming options.
  • Debris filter is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Handles up to a 60 foot (18m) area.
  • Reaches large and small debris easily.


  • Frequently displays error Code 10 (source)
  • Blows debris around rather than sucks them up (source).
  • Water leaks into the motor (source).
  • Sometimes people noticed the machine gets stuck (source).

Presenting the Polaris 9950 Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Polaris 9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner comes with a sleek grey and blue finish with black wheels for a sporty, modern look. It's a four wheel drive automatic system that comes loaded with several premium features to enhance your experience and how clean it leaves your pool.

It has ActivMotion Sensor Technology that allows this model to quickly and easily navigate around the area and stay away from obstacles, and the Vortex Vacuum Technology lets this device pick up both small and large debris. It promises to give your area a superior clean with crystal-clear water. It also comes equipped with technology to allow this device to reach debris in tight corners or under stairs for an all-over clean finish.

This system is excellent for people who have larger areas they'd like help keeping debris-free, and for people with hard walls. People who have above-ground setups or who have soft liners may find that this product can tear or damage it.

Polaris 9550 Features and Benefits

There are several features and benefits associated with using this product, and as long as it's compatible with your area, you shouldn't have a problem with using it.

Accessories - 4

This particular model comes with several accessories that make using and maintaining it easier. You get a head unit whose function is to power and control the device, a 70 foot (21 meters) cable that runs from the device itself to the head unit, and a caddy that lets you store and move it around. The caddy also comes with a 33-inch long handle (83 centimeters) to hook your 70-foot (21 meters) cable to.

These accessories are handy if I'm alone and trying to move the entire unit around because it all fits on the convenient caddy for a smooth and hassle-free operation. However, it does make it slightly bulkier to store.

Drive System - 3

This particular brand comes equipped with a four-wheel drive system that is powerful enough to allow it to go across the bottom of your pool and climb up the walls for a thorough cleaning. It has Aqua Trax tires that allow it to grip securely to the bottom and walls as it works up to the water line. The Aqua Trax tires allow this system to work on several different surfaces.

The four-wheel drive is a great feature because it allows this system to get all of the ways up the sides of the walls. I don't have to worry about scrubbing away missed spots or debris.

Vortex Vacuum Technology and Scrubbers - 1

The Vortex Vacuum Technology and the two scrubbers that are attached to the front of this system work hard to dislodge any stuck on or hard to get debris that may clutter up the floor. The scrubbers dislodge the debris, which is then sucked up by the Vortex Vacuum Technology into the canister where it catches in the filtration system before spitting the clean water back through.

This system is excellent for my area because I have a lot of trees around and this device picks up things like acorns and small twigs that may fall into the pool and sink to the bottom. It's also great for tree sap or leaves. But, when autumn comes, I do have to empty the canister more often because of the amount of debris it picks up.

Filtration System - 1

You get an excellent filtration system with this unit, and it has a larger debris canister that takes a while to fill. It's very easy to access and clean, which is a huge bonus. All you do is press a button, and the lid opens on the top of the device. You can lift out the canister and shake the debris out. If there are things like hair or stuck particles, a quick rinse with the hose will clear it. You can then reinsert it, and it's ready to go.

Since a lot of smaller debris tends to sit on the bottom, this system removes stores them for a few sessions so I don't have to worry about dumping or rinsing out the canister each time. I get clean water flowing back into the pool, while the debris stays trapped.

Programmable Panel and Remote - 2

The main control base that sits along the side of the pool contains a control panel that you can program for a variety of functions. You get a two-inch (five centimeters) display that allows you to quickly and easily see your programming times and the current status. It also features several user-friendly buttons including a clock, start, stop, minus, plus, and cancel.

Below there are several different function buttons that let you engage the lift system and a dirty filter warning. Finally, you can program the intensity level that it cleans at a high intensity or intensive, the surface you want it to work on including bottom, waterline only, or bottom and sides, and the shape.

I like to program this unit to run automatically every few days to ensure that the area doesn't get overloaded with debris and dirt. I also like that you can press and hold a button on the remote or on the main control base and it'll return to the side of the pool, climb the wall with the handle up, and let you lift it out of the water.

Timer - 3

You can set seven different cycles for your robot to perform at specific times or days, and you can use the timer to set how long each cycle runs. There is also default cycles you can choose from if you don't want to set your own. The Bottom Only button runs for an hour and a half; Bottom and Sides runs for two and a half hours, and Waterline Only runs for one hour. You can use the plus and minus buttons to shorten or lengthen these times to suit your needs.

For anyone who plans to be away from their home for a few days, this is especially handy. I like to set mine to run every day on a different cycle so nothing is neglected or no parts are allowed up build up a layer of grime.


I decided to see how successful other people were with their Polaris 9550, and I found several positive reviews from around the internet. People generally had good things to say about this system, and they didn't seem to have any big issues that prevented them from using this product over and over again.

This product currently has several glowing reviews and customers sharing their experiences on a variety of sites including:

Alternatives to the Polaris 9550

There are several alternative options you can choose if the Polaris 9550 doesn't sound like the best automatic pool cleaner to suit your needs. I picked three great alternatives you may want to consider, and my mini-reviews should help you decide.

Dolphin 99996403-PC Dolphin Nautilus Plus

The Dolphin Nautilus Plus is a more cost-effective alternative to the Polaris 9550. It has a spring-loaded cartridge system that makes it easy to clean and maintain. This product is a good choice for people who have more free-form areas to clean because the cable features a 360-degree swivel and it has a tangle-free design.

It also works at a slightly faster pace, and it can clean, scrub, and vacuum the waterline, walls, and bottom in two and a half hours. You also get a weekly timer you can set so it cleans automatically.

Best For
The Dolphin 99996403-PC Dolphin Nautilus Plus is a better choice for people who want a more cost-effective option than the Polaris 9550 model, while the Polaris is better for people who have the money to spend on it.

Hayward RC3431CUY AquaVac 500

Hayward's AquaVac system gives you the choice of having a caddy or just the system. It has a microprocessor that calculates how to clean your selected area the best, and you can choose from a fast 90-minute floor clean or a three hour complete clean.

It has a built-in timer that you can program, so it cycles through when it's convenient for you, and the top access debris container is very easy to remove and clean. This system costs around the same as you'd pay for the Polaris 9550 model.

Best For
The Hayward RC3431CUY AquaVac 500 is better for people who want a shorter cleaning cycle or more options than you get with the Polaris 9550 because the Polaris model takes more time to do a more thorough clean.

Aquabot Turbo T4RC

The final alternative product is by Aquabot. It comes equipped with a wireless four-way remote that makes it easy to guide, and it has manual or automatic cycle functionality. It is capable of filtering up to 5,000 gallons (18,927 liters) per hour for crystal-clear results each time it works.

It can suction, vacuum, and scrub the walls, bottom, and waterline in just under an hour on areas up to 50 feet (15 meters) long. You'll get a very small and lightweight design, and it costs around the same for the Polaris 9550 model.

Best For
The Aquabot Turbo T4RC would suit people with larger areas to clean because of its filtration capabilities while the Polaris does better with smaller areas.

For anyone who doesn't have time to clean their pool areas manually, the Polaris 9550 is a good choice for the best automatic pool cleaner. The variety of timer and cycle functions allows you to let it run when it's convenient for you, and it ensures that your area won't develop a layer of film or debris build-up. The large filtration canister is also a bonus because it can run for several times between dumping it.

If you'd like to see this device for yourself and decide if it would be a good fit for your lifestyle, click here.